Thursday, August 18, 2011

embracing the zoo

It had been some time since we ventured to the Santa Barbara Zoo.

It is my absolute most favorite zoo.

It's small, quaint, and easy to see everything in about two hours.

And it's sentimental to me.

I started going there when my son was nine months old.

I have pictures of him through the years sitting next to that

little elephant statue.

But school and sports have prevented us from

embarking on the hour plus drive to the coastal zoo.

And my girls hardly remembered it.

I took a gazillion pictures!

And we did see the whole place in two hours flat.

But it was this hill, with simple pieces of cardboard
that found us closing the place down.

They're already asking to return.

Because of the hill.

My son even made me try.

I said as long as he watched my purse and camera.

Which meant he managed to document the moment.

So I'm linking up to embrace the camera.

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Raeanne said...

we heart the SB zoo. Didn't we run into you there once??? fun photos, fun day!

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