Saturday, December 24, 2011

monkey-ing around

There are a lot of little monkeys climbing and jumping and giggling.

And yes, you must climb in a pretty Christmas party dress.
Because of course if you're a girly girl with tomboy tendencies this is the most appropriate climbing outfit isn't it?

The excitement is building around here.
And yes, the Norad tracker is being checked and checked again.
You see because Santa must exist if he's on the Norad tracker.

Yesterday while those kiddos climbed trees I remained mostly in my jammies.
A busily working elf.
Stamping more spreaders...I was so busy stamping & packaging away I never took any photos,
but the original post about them is here.

And I am mighty excited about a couple of gifts I'll reveal after Christmas.
Here's just a teeny sneak peak.
Thanks to pinterest for the ideas and to ebay for some cool finds.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone.

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