Saturday, December 29, 2012

her perfect day

my first born daughter turned 8 today.
Eight years ago at a little after three in the morning
I walked myself into the hospital to learn I was seven centimeters dilated.
And she was born 30 minutes later.

She was my easiest labor.

My most mellow baby.

Despite some early weeks of really bad reflux.

She was quite simply a super mellow and sweet baby.

I called her my love bug.

And my love bug she has remained.

Her love language is touch.

And she gives the longest, tightest, most heartfelt hugs.

Today was all about her.

All of her favorite things.

The day began opening her presents.

 Her big gift was her very own camera.

Then hot cocoa from coffee bean.
Painting at color me mine.

I think I like her day too.
Soup at panera bread.
And the day rounded out with pepperoni pizza, brownie bites and ice cream.
And her last and final request, the jacuzzi.  Or cajuzzi as her sister calls it.

A beautiful day celebrating our big 8 year old.  

I am amazed at her thoughtfulness, beauty, creativity, style, and genuine determination
even and especially when things are tough.  I pray daily for her stamina to overcome
the challenges that have come her way with learning.  And I trust daily that God has
a reason and plan that those challenges are there.  And I know that he will allow her
to prosper.  

I feel so very blessed to be along for this part of her journey, helping to guide her
and to learn just as much from her in return.

Happy Birthday sweet love bug!


Kim said...

What a sweet time...
Your girl is adorable!

Mommy Girl said...

sounds like a dream mommy / daughter day! xoxo

Jodi Elliott said...

Happy Birthday Ava. I am sending a virtual hug. It looks like you had a nice celebration. I told her we would celebrate when we get back. Enjoy your sweet time with your family and I will see you next week.

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