Monday, December 24, 2012


Not a creature was stirring...not even a mouse...
I feel like a little elf.
Working away on a little surprise.
A surprise I can't wait to give my girls...and son.

I came across this image on pinterest almost a year ago.  You know how pinning goes.
I have quite the DIY board.   Things I'd like to do, ONE DAY.  But rarely do I dig in and do them.

Only I was inspired to attempt this as a special handmade Christmas gift.

I didn't realize it would wind up taking me the better part of two days.
But I think that says more about me, not the directions.  I rarely, I mean rarely
sew.  And I had quite a few interruptions.  So her images are way more polished.
But at least I did it.

And I decided to modify one for my son who really likes the musician/DJ Dead Mau5.
Yes, I had to look him up.  Because I'm getting old like that.  But a friend whose husband
is a musician educated me that he has been on a few MTV music awards shows performing.
And my husband's 20-something assistant was him for halloween.  He brought it this head piece
for my son to see.  He was beyond excited...and now wants to make one too.
Not so sure that will happen. ;)
But I did manage to modify the wee mouse into a dead mouse.   Complete with a teddy bear
in his own tin house.  I actually think my son will appreciate it.  And yes, I'm kind of cracking myself up.
Now I just hope Piper our puppy doesn't get a hold of any of the meticulously made teeny
tiny pieces.  And keeping it real...
I must somehow make my dining room look like
a dining room again before tonight.



Kim said...

Very cute!

Jodi Elliott said...

These are adorable. I love them. Good job.

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