Monday, December 10, 2012

santa lucia day

We've never celebrated Santa Lucia Day.
I've always thought it looked so sweet.

This year, my son's teacher has assigned each of them
to do a report on another country's holiday traditions.
He chose Sweden.

Through his research we've all begun to learn about St. Lucia.
And the girls are very interested in celebrating on the 13th.
He has to make a poster, bring in some kind of craft or sing a song
(and he's not the singing type) so he chose to make a St. Lucia crown.

The girls wanted to make one too.
So I spent some time making up a template of leaves and berries.
And I'm offering it to you too.  In case you'd like to celebrate as well.
She has been wearing it non stop since we put it together.

St. Lucia is also known as St. Lucy.
Lucy stands for light.
And in case you were wondering about the lights, here's why she wears them.

In the middle of the night, St. Lucia, a Christian secretly brought food to feed the Roman Christians who had been persecuted by their country.  In order to carry the food each night, she would wear a crown of candles on her head.  Celebrations for Santa Lucia's Day began in the late 1700s in Sweden.

Another explanation went on to say that since December 13th is the shortest day, longest night of the year, it is the day historically that the Swedish would celebrate Christmas.
The oldest daughter will get up before the sun and prepare breakfast for her family.
Traditionally, she will serve a special bread called Lussakatter or St. Lucia buns and coffee.
Lussakatter also means cat buns.  I still haven't found the significance of the cat.  
(If anyone knows, feel free to fill me in!)
But I did find a good step by step tutorial for making them.  

The oldest daughter wears the candles, dressed in white with her sisters and brothers behind her, 
while singing a traditional song.  It's really beautiful.  

After we made this I did read that she often has 6, 7, or 8 candles.  So you can add more.   
I hope you enjoy celebrating St. Lucia day, even if it's the first time like us!

Click on the image to be taken to the link for the download.

Happy preparing for St. Lucia Day!
My girls are so excited to prepare the breakfast.
The younger one is a little more into it than the older, so they both can do it.
She's just worried that she doesn't know the words.
I told her it's ok, we won't sing because mommy doesn't know them either.

And...I was inspired to draw my own little St. Lucia girl.
You can buy this digital download to print at home.  
It includes the print and a card design to give as gifts.

Now..counting my gifts.
454. learning new things along with my children
455. a husband who made me dinner
456.  and bought my favorite treats at the store
457. time to create
458.  the days drawing nearer to Christmas
459. girls excited to try our hands at Lucia buns
460. starting to feel better
461. a friend's baby is born
462. getting cards addressed
463. the birds busy in the morning
464. taking it one day at a time
465. new peace settling


Kim said...

Never knew this...learn something new everyday! Great job!

Gretchen said...

I'm thinking of you today as you celebrate Santa Lucia. I remember being chosen to play her at our school celebration when I was in fourth grade. I wish I was home and could send you the pictures. It was a magical day. Enjoy celebrating with your girls~

Unknown said...

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Kaycee said...

Thank you for sharing! We’re looking forward to our own first St Lucia day celebration this year. Would love to make the crown out of felt but this option looks sweet and doable for my 6 year old! Thanks again!

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