Sunday, January 13, 2013

ten on ten

It's a tad late..but I actually did take these on January 10th.
It's a picture each hour in ten hours showing glimpses of your day.

I hadn't managed to download pictures til today.  
So here you go.  
Ten on ten on the 13th. :)

1. math manipulatives for homeschool
2. pretty bun done by her with new flower bobby pin
3. hanging with Miss Piper..I love their heads both twisting
4. A gift of yummy cheeses straight from Wisconsin from my husband's co-worker
5. throw pillows I love
(unitas in Christi - Latin for United in Christ est. 1996 - our wedding year)
6. running errands
7. trip to the park.  Piper's not happy about no dogs allowed
8. pretty girl
9. driving, driving, driving (picking up my son)
10. beautiful sky

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Kim said...

Love the picture of the dog in front of the sign! Cracks me up!

Mommy Girl said...

I want that pillow!!

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