Thursday, January 31, 2013

oh me, oh my

it has felt very much like the world has stood still the last two weeks.
at least our little world has.
after the girl's bout with the flu
I thought life was resuming as normal, but alas
on Monday my son came home with a fever.
And then by the next afternoon my body finally really caved.
And let me tell you, this thing has been a doozy.
I just like using that word.  It sounds mighty old fashioned.
Like something my grandmother would use.

We're still in recovery mode.
You know it's bad when twice in the last week
I have crawled out of my own bed to discover
a silent home, because my children were all voluntarily napping.
Well, praise God for that.

Because that NEVER, ever happens.

Oh, sigh.

I guess we needed rest.

In the midst of this yuck, my dear sweet youngest child turned six.
And mommy managed to do nothing really very special at all.
But I've promised, soon, very soon we will have a day all about her.
What I did manage, was a food color laced cake boss cake.. the farthest
thing from the healthy versions I usually try to make.  But Ralphs was about
all we could manage in the midst of this flu.
The flowers made her happy, and thankfully she has a forgiving spirit.

She and her sister found ways of entertaining themselves, like making this
dollhouse out of her gift box and wrapping.
And now as it feels prayerfully the fog is lifting.

The girls are decorating for valentines day.
You can't walk around a corner outside without seeing love.
And I love that.
Even Miss Piper echoed our much needed breath of fresh air today.

Happy insta friday everyone.

I covet your prayers for health and healing in this house.

Because we have had enough of the sickies! maybe I'm still not quite clear headed. I kept checking back to see why insta friday hadn't posted yet.  And alas I remembered, today is THURSDAY.  So I'll be all ready for tomorrow then!  Happy almost insta-friday!

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Kim said...

My boy had the flu this week after both my daughter and I had it three weeks ago. Ugh! It is a "doozy" for sure.
Glad you are on the up swing.

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