Friday, January 25, 2013

it has been

some time since I've done insta-friday 
and even longer since I've shown you these ladies who aren't so little anymore!
We're getting closer to those fresh eggs.  I can't wait.
And nearly every day as I circle around to open their little door to the run area.
Miss Piper frantically runs around barking and whining.
And wishing oh so much she could get in there.
SO not happening.
The chickens are really funny to watch.
They're kind of scared of her, kind of not.
And I still think they're pretty darn cute.
So before the flu took over our home.
We were doing science co-op.
Reviewing the last six chapters of sea animal questions 
with a game of jeopardy.
It was awfully cute and fun. 
And I'm just so thankful to these ladies for welcoming me into their group.
We had a really productive day Monday, but I can't say much for the rest of the week.  
I've been reading to them, but there has been plenty of movie watching lying on the couch with
fevers and coughs and stuffy noses.  I guess sometimes you just have to let it go.
my part tom-boy, part girly-girl has decided she wants to learn 
to ride a skateboard like her brother.
And speaking of brother, before the rain hit here, he was in 
full survival mode, building shelter and making grass tea
in our backyard.
Yes, I let him play with fire.
Maybe that's wrong.
But I want to foster this adventure, survival man stuff cause
it's productive and outdoors and just might come in handy one day.
We spent some time picking out a new glove.
If you're new here, you may not know that his old one (which was
still in very good shape) was the victim of rain leaking into my 
trunk and we discovered it was COVERED with
a gnarly, white, fuzzy, hairy
mess of mold all over it.
There was no chance I was letting him use it again.
With my husband out of town, I of course realized the night
before assessments that we never replaced it.  So to Sport Chalet we went.
And then to the baseball fields.
Where the girls resumed their ways of entertaining themselves by the field.
 I can't believe it's time for the Spring season to begin.
I've been in prep mode for an upcoming mermaid party.
The party that was supposed to happen tomorrow.
Well, the flu + rain, rain, rain means our adventure
to the tide pools has been pushed back.
I know I'm slightly crazy even thinking of doing a beach party in January.
These two decided to dress like twins.  
People are always asking if they are, even though they're 
exactly 25 months apart to the day.
Which means my baby is having a birthday, turning 6 on Monday!

That and perhaps hormones are wreaking havoc on this mama heart.
You know you're in trouble when you see a mom with a toddler 
at a restaurant and your eyes well up with tears.
But the season we're in now is mighty sweet too.
They set up this stuffed animal friend tea party for me as a surprise.
And this one the other night declared washing dishes is fun.
Alrighty then.  There are always new chances for that kind of fun.
Have at it my dear!
So there you go.  The good, the bad & the helpful.
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Kim said...

I love these Insta-Friday grams...
You are doing a great job with home schooling! It seems like you are really enjoying it.

Just curious, where are the tide pools in our area? I would love to do a study with my girl.

Holly Oshesky said...

Great pics. I really like the turtle drinking the tea. It looks like you have a nice co-op. Jeopardy is one of my favorite group activities. Hopping over from InstFriday.

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