Sunday, March 31, 2013

the joy of the resurrection

Of course the morning began far too early for my liking.
The excitement of the egg hunt had them up and ready for EASTER morning.
My littlest said, "Of course I'm most excited about Jesus rising again,
but these eggs, well they sure are yummy."
While they hunted, these bite size egg servings were cooking,
getting ready for a breakfast to go at the Hollywood Bowl.
My parents joined us so I sat in the back like one of the kids.
Rain was projected, but it didn't fall.
The day was beautiful.
Plenty to praise.
The breeze so gentle.
The warmth of the sun peaking out a time or two.
That cheshire grin.  The goodie bag supplied
to keep the kids busy, well, she sneakily stamped
her brother and just thought that was the best 
thing ever.
Francis Chan preached a sermon I hope was recorded.
Because it was awesome.  And just what should be said to an
audience that large.  Teaching and reaching both old and new believers.
And this moment, well these don't happen very often, not very often at all anymore.
It may be a bit blurry, but that doesn't matter.
I can't help but think they soaked in some of the message,
and it was pouring out in the way they were treating each other.
The joy in giving everything up for Jesus,  because He's all that matters.
And loving him so much you don't hold back or compromise at all.
From my family to yours, a most happy and blessed Easter Sunday!

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Kim said...

Happy Resurrection Day! It rained here... so glad it did not rain there...
Was this through your church? Where was that? Was it the Hollywood Bowl?
You have a beautiful family! Praise Jesus!

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