Thursday, September 1, 2011

baby bump

Did you know I've been hiding a little secret.

Our family is growing.
Growing by one little baby doll.

And one very imaginative four year old

whose pretend play requires mommy

to pretend she's pregnant.

We're home alone just the two of us these days

so I'm obliging.

And when I went to capture this moment
I remembered this picture of her growing inside of me
wearing the very same shirt.

And this picture standing before the very same mirror.

capturing a very real baby bump
 with her 22-month-old sister by my side.
My oh my how the time flies.

It's so crazy.

But I like where we are now.

And I'm holding onto these days

of pretend play with baby dolls

for as long as I can.

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm in tears here, really! Oh God is so very good. What a special time for your family. You know I still wanna meet halfway and soak up some time with

Much love!!!!
Melissa Runcie

Raeanne said...

just lovely. Funny how life gives us magical flash-backs!

Kate said...

such a sweet post. You captured time passing so beautifully! I found your blog on Emily's Embrace. Hope to swing by again.


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