Sunday, September 18, 2011

fall party

Back when my son was just four years old, I had a fall party for his preschool friends.

It was their last year of preschool and we were a close group of moms and kids.

I recently came across the photos and thought I'd share.

I had fun finding the vintage clip art and recipes for a fun fall party.

This was fresh squeezed oranges, rice milk and bananas blended together, with black licorice for straws.
I found an assortment of ideas for this snack mix through searches on the web.  

Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Chili Recipe - I was pregnant with my third baby
when we had this party.  I craved this chili all the time!   
Martha Stewart - Cranberry Oat Cereal Bars (really a fancy rice krispie treat)

As an activity, the kids got to decorate pumpkins.  We also let them paint their own leaf  placemats.
I later added scripture and laminated them as a fall keepsake.

So crazy...all these kids are nearly ten years old now!

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