Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend treasure hunt

A craft inspired trip to a flea market proved unsuccessful
but we stumbled upon a used book store.
They're just as much into the hunt for a treasure as I am.
Are they kindred spirits by nature or nurture?
Even in the womb they've joined me on hunts such as these.  

And even if we don't walk away with anything,
it is fun just seeing the old, 
browsing the rows & rows 
of possibilities
and enjoying a common love.

181. walking in the warmth of the sun.
182. patient children
183. memories working
184. a diverted journey
185. a snuggable nephew
186. inspiration for new projects
187. nerves calming
188. having fun doing nothing at all
189. vintage books
190. kids creativity
191. a son praying for others at dinner
192.  his heart 
193. his first purchase all on his own
out of his own wallet for a deck of cards.


thebeloved said...

Oh... bookstores. Used bookstores. My mouth waters... figuratively. =)

Pam said...

I don't browse used bookstores often, but I do share your love of books! Especially children's books : ) Love your list!

Sweet blessings to you,

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