Thursday, September 22, 2011

embracing cousins

This past week my sister who lives far, far away in New York came out for her first visit with her baby.  My kids were absolutely ecstatic to meet their cousin.  My sister took these and emailed them to me today, just in time to share for embrace the camera.

I had a very bad hat head, but couldn't let that stop me from a family photo.

Promptly after their visit each one of my kids have come down with a terrible cold.  Our house has felt like a germ fest of sneezes and coughs.  

I'm one pooped mommy, but thankfully I think the colds are lifting and praise God my sister and her son didn't catch anything.

It was so nice to be an Auntie to a little one.  
And my son's wish has finally come true, to have a baby boy in the family.

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