Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fall inspiration

Fall is my most favorite season.
I love the anticipation.
The spirit of thanksgiving.
There's a feeling in the air.
The sunlight is different.
The leaves changing colors
 (even if they aren't as plentiful in so. cal.).
I wanted to capture this season of giving in an autumn print.
and finally i have a red-head in the shop.
I'm working to turn this into a thank you card 
with a different scripture...
It's coming soon.

I think i'd like that outfit she has on...
and below you'll see what happens around here when 
mommy tries to work while the kids are awake.


Yes, the dishes get piled high in the sink and the filing awaits, 
but I love that my kids get inspired to do their own drawings.  

This little lady likes to draw from my drawings.
She was getting frustrated that i kept blocking her view,
so I printed it out for her to have her own copy.

I love that she's so detailed.  
and I love her creativity.

She and I are kindred spirits
in the fact that she'll wake up and say,
"I NEED to draw."

When there's a spark of an idea, 
she has to get it out.
Before eating, before anything else.
She just needs to draw.

Happy Autumn everyone!


Laura said...

that is soooo sweet that you are inspiring her to draw :) I LOVE your art.

Janelle @ Grace Tags said...

Your art is incredible! Your words, beautiful.

It's so nice to meet you.


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