Tuesday, November 8, 2011

celebrating us!

I mentioned awhile back that a super sweet and talented friend of mine offered to take our pictures.

Did you know I've NEVER had professional pictures taken of our family.

I have too many issues with stressing about getting us all ready, putting too much pressure 
on that one day and having it not work out.   

So typically we just have a family member snap our pictures for our Christmas card.

And the day is usually exhausting.  My husband and I are trying to corral everyone,
keep the kids (and in the past our dog Bella...I just now realized that this is the first
Christmas card without her..good thing I wasn't thinking about that on our photo day) all lined up and happy looking while also trying to direct our family photographer.  

We're grateful they're helping, but it's all a bit too much to coordinate all at once.

I love looking at all of the amazing photography work out there.
I love the dreaminess of so many family pictures lately.

And I was starting to feel like I really wanted to have
some artistic pictures of our own that captured us 
right where we are in life right now.
Pictures that set a scene of celebration.

I gathered ideas from pinterest.
And so did my friend.
And I tracked the lighting in our yard
to figure out when would be the best time to meet.
And we conspired together.

And the day was perfect.
It was peaceful.
No stress.
No kids crying or fussing or squirming.
They were totally cooperative.
My friend was calm and we all had fun.
It was actually fun. 
And I think it shows.

All of this was such a huge blessing.  Huge. 

And now I have a problem.
My problem is I have too many pictures to choose from.

But it's a good problem to have.

Here's just a sneak peak of some of them.
I'm not even showing you how many different cool set ups we have.
But here are some fun ones.

OH...and at the very bottom...if you scroll all the way down, I have links for two giveaways going on.
PLUS..the dear sweet friend I mentioned above, she'll be having one too come this Friday.
So keep checking back with her blog.
It's time to celebrate November.
Celebrate Anniversaries.
Celebrate Thanksgiving!
my son calls this the bird's pov (point of view)
 And these... these aren't even probably going to make it on the card, but I LOVE this series.
I will for sure be framing one or two for their room.  I love the feeling she captured here!

 This is a little cropped off sneak peak of a layout I've been working on.  
It'll probably be changed a few times before the actual cards are ordered..but it's making me happy.
 And this...well this... 
it makes me giggle every single time I look at it. 
It kind of sums us all up.
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