Friday, November 18, 2011

come let us adore Him

I've been awfully quiet here this week.

Sorry about that.

Two reasons.....

First the not so fun news, I've been terribly sick with bronchitis.

And the second reason, which is fun news.

In the free moments I've had over the last few weeks, little by little,

this print has been coming to life.
I was inspired by our yearly tradition of going back to Bethlehem

where a local church literally makes you feel what it would be like

to be alive when Jesus was born.

As a child and even an adult, I still am mesmerized at the thought

of seeing Jesus face to face.
This print is making me happy right now and getting me in the

mood to celebrate this amazing Christmas season.
But first...there's other celebrating to do.

Yes, Thanksgiving.  One of my most favorite holidays.

But also on November 30th, fifteen years ago my husband and I

were married over Thanksgiving weekend.

Because our kids are all off school, we're going out of town,

alone, for two nights and three days.

Now I just need to get well.

Happy Friday everyone.

OH and my notable quotable for the day.

My six year old, who was watching "A Little Princess"

said, "This was made in the olden days, like the 80's."

Oh boy.  If that's the olden days then her dad and I must be ancient.

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donna!ee said...

AMEN SISTER! beautiful print...i too am mesmerized at His glory! blest be :)

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