Monday, November 14, 2011

my son

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This past week our son was 'star of the week' in his class.
One of the things they did to celebrate him was to have me and my husband each write him a letter that was read in front of the class.

It was a good exercise sitting down and writing out our thoughts.
I of course had to tap into a little bit of his nine year old humor.
He asked that I not embarrass him.
Because as I mentioned a little bit ago, we've entered that stage.

When the day was done, he said he wasn't embarrassed.
In fact he was kind of glowing.
He was carrying himself higher.
My husband is such a firm believer in this kind of encouragement.
We all need to hear it.

We all need to take the time to tell others what makes them special.

Jackson, where do I begin?
With your birth you made me a mom and changed my life forever.
With you, I first learned what it meant to have part of my heart outside of my body. 

I would look at your little hands with amazement and wonder what you'd grow to do?
In what ways would you touch other's lives?
How would those hands reach out and affect others.
And now nearly ten years later I can say that you are growing into a young man 
I'm proud to call my son.

You are caring, kind and compassionate.  
You have a heart for those who feel left out or are hurting 
and want to make it better for them.

You have an insatiable hunger for researching things and 
you are one of the most determined people I know.  

When you set your mind to something, your concentration and will to accomplish it, 
is so admirable.  I just know the Lord will use this strength to His glory. 
I look forward to watching it happen as you grow into the man of God you’re meant to be.

I've seen your faith and passion for the Lord grow
and can't wait to see how it will continue to do so.

I've watched you learn to do your best, to put others first, 
to help others even in the times when you don't necessarily feel like it.  
And these things make me happy.  
I love seeing you help your sisters and show them kindness.  
They look up to you so very much. You have no idea just how much.

You're a great son and big brother and I couldn't imagine our family without you.  
What would we do if we didn't have you yelling and sliding down the halls just for fun?
What would we do if we didn’t have arm fart lessons and muddy messes.

What would we do if we didn't have your amazing creativity 
building all kinds of designs and contraptions out of anything you can find around the house?
Oh I know, we'd have a lot more string and tape lying around, 
but that's ok, I'd rather have the creations.

And what would your sisters do if they didn't have you
training them to be good spy agents and teaching them all those boyish things
they'd never learn without you?
The house might be a lot more quiet, but I choose the noise, the laughter, 
the fun and most of all your friendship.

It's fun hanging out with you, and talking to you about all the things you're now old enough to understand. 

You are also one of the bravest people I know.  
I’ve watched you in situations where most anyone would feel stressed or nervous.  
But you look calm and collected.  
You can take on a challenge and meet it head on without fear.  
I love that about you.

I love how you make connections and ask big questions and learn just by living.  
I like seeing how much you love to read and draw, play baseball and fish.  
Oh how I could keep going on, but I won’t embarrass you. 

Just know that I love you for you and so does God.  
You don’t have to do anything or prove anything.  
You are special and loved just the way you are.

Much love,

259. my son who made me a mom 
260. the way he's always teaching & changing me
261. time to create
262. an upcoming anniversary trip
263. date night just grown ups
264. impromptu date night with the kids
265. an awesome church service
256. helping others
257. a loving babysitter heading to haiti..making my girls day
258. games cancelled giving us more family time

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