Thursday, November 10, 2011

embracing my youngest

We had a lunch date yesterday.

I'm trying to soak up this last year with her before she starts kindergarten.

We went to the corner bakery and watched the pigeons try to eat everyone's food.

While she bravely laid out her plans for chasing them away if they bothered us.

And we took pictures to text daddy who has been in New York all week.

Telling him we wished he was here.

But the countdown is on.

He's landing in just a few hours.

I can feel the excitement in the house.

For them.

And for me too.

Daddy's almost home.


Raeanne said...

enjoy those lunch dates!! it's true that all too quickly they're in school every day :(

Cathie Sarnecky said...

I was in NY all week too! Hope he had a good week.

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