Thursday, November 3, 2011

embracing 'fair at the farm'

This is our eighth and final year at the same preschool.
Not her eighth year, but you know what I mean.
The year my son started preschool I had a baby and then skipped a year
and then had another baby.

She is that baby and now it's her turn to be the oldest in the school.
How in the world that happened I just don't know.
But time has a way running faster each year doesn't it?

By the way side note here, notice the jacket under the shirt.  Daddy got her dressed after I left with the older two for school.  Not sure why that decision was made, but I guess it didn't bother her.

She goes three mornings a week from 9 -12.
It's just enough for her to have some fun and the tiniest bit of time for me to go to the doctor,
or get groceries and try to squeeze in time to work out or create.

Anyway.. back to the point.
Fair at the farm day is one of our favorite events.
It's a sweet and fun day to celebrate fall since they don't do halloween.

And this little lady (as mentioned here) loves farm animals.

It was a great day.

Oh and my husband recently surprised me with a new phone.  I'm really, really not into the latest gadgets and totally rebelled against having a phone that had internet and texting capability for the longest time.  But once I did get one I completely understood how useful it could be.  Especially because so often my husband can't talk while working, but he can text.  That has been great for us to communicate throughout the day.

So now that I can take pictures and actually see what I'm taking..oh and even take video... well I suspect we'll be embracing the camera more often.  It's just plain fun and easy.
I had to capture the pretty fall leaves in our yard when we got home.
We both had fun playing with the camera...Oh and do you see that little bit of my hair in the back.
I tried this tutorial..and it really was quick and easy.  It fit into my 30 minute morning routine.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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