Saturday, September 25, 2010

Edible Art

 (from Happy Little Bento)

I recently bought some of these bento boxes from amazon.  Last year I used those fabric/washable baggies, but they got too yucky.  This year I've been meaning to buy more, but in the meantime have been terribly un-eco friendly.  

Is that proper English?  No.  But we'll let it slide ok.  

So I decided instead to do the bento boxes.  My friend recommended them to me.  They're on their way and should be here by Tuesday.

Man I'm excited about them.  They're bpa free and this site, Happy Little Bento,  I can't stop clicking from one post to the next. 
So adorable and scrumptious looking.  And her post says this one is all raw.  

My three year old's review, "That looks really yummy."

 (from Happy Little Bento)

I think these works of art would entice any 3, 5, 8 year old to dig in and try some foods they haven't before.

It makes me want to make one for myself!  Do I have it in me to be this creative at seven in the morning?  Probably not.  But maybe with some preparation I can do it every once in awhile.  

In the meantime, I'll just keep clicking and oohing and ahhing over her amazing designs.  My kids are right alongside me saying, "look at that one, and that one!" 

What a creative way to make food appetizing 
to the eye and the tummy!

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