Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Gift

I think I mentioned I love personalizing gifts.  My best friend's son is turning five and his party is TODAY!  We're about to leave for his circus theme party.  But I quickly wanted to share.  

I did these silhouettes for my kids about a year ago.  

She has wanted one for her son so I finally did it.

It's super easy if you want to try.  You just paint the canvas.  Take a profile picture of your child, print it out, cut it out and then trace it on the dry canvas.  Then paint it in black.

I liked how it looked doing the outer edge black too so I did that for her as well.  You have to be pretty careful with that part so it doesn't bleed onto the front.  But when it does I just go around again with a little green.
I didn't realize my husband snapped some shots of me painting.  This is me, no make up, still in my jammies, enjoying being outside doing something therapeutic.  Is there any better way to spend a Saturday morning?

I know she'll love it.  As for her five year old.. one day he will.  But in the meantime we got some fun books for him too.  Oh and a stainless steel water bottle that can also hold hot drinks like tea too.  My sister is selling them custom made from her etsy shop.

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday.  We're off to celebrate, sing happy birthday, play carnival games and eat popcorn, hot dogs and yummy treats!

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