Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn Recipes

Oh.. I love this time of year.  
This photo is pretty unrelated to the topic.  But to find a 'fall' looking photo I started scanning through pictures from last year and came across a series of these.  OH my how much smaller she is.  I didn't even remember taking these.  It makes my heart melt to think of how fast they're growing.  I always tell her she can't keep growing that I want her to stay three (fah-lee) forever.  "Oh but I can't mommy, Jesus made me to grow bigger" she always replies.  She's in such a hurry to be older.  When we pretend play she's always seven and the big sister.  But she does reassure me that I can always hold her even when she's a grown up.  Sigh.  Why is it the older you get the faster the time flies.  It's just not fair!  Someone stop the clock ok?

But back to our topic.. Autumn recipes.  None of them are mine.. but I'm introducing you to a plethora of yummy gluten free recipes you must check out!  Gluten is the source of problems for so many people.  It is a main source of inflammation so with a lupus diagnosis my doctor recommended I avoid it.  
I love this blog "Gluten Free Goddess"!  But just because you're cutting out gluten doesn't mean you can't enjoy some really yummy foods.  I've learned how to navigate around wheat and gluten really well in the last year.  The internet sure helps.  I wanted to share her post today because of all the scrumptious Autumn recipes.  

There are soups and chili and pumpkin waffles and muffins and deserts galore.  But the thing that has my mouth watering are these two recipes.  I am a mexican food-aholic.  I think I could honestly eat it every day and not get sick of it.  

Or this one

She says her chicken enchiladas are one of the most popular recipes on her blog.

She also has a whole section of Thanksgiving ideas.  Interestingly that's right around the time I found her blog last year.   I think you'll find lots of yummy ideas there too!  Happy cooking and Happy almost fall.  Can you just feel it in the air?  I know in Southern California we don't have fall like so many states, but I still feel the change in the air, the light, the smells.  And I love the excitement of all the fall activities and celebrations.

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