Sunday, July 10, 2011

And He's Off

This is the second year in a row our son has gone on a five night church camp.

Last year he loved it and has been counting down to the trip this summer.  He was filled with both excitement and a little bit of nerves.  And so was/is his mamma.

So we are a family of four this week.

It's kind of weird.

But the girls are already calculating the daddy dates and 'girl time' things we'll do together.

Meanwhile, I now know what to expect, while I can't speak to my son I can see daily photos online.  

I also learned from last year that he'll probably wear about two items of clothing the entire week,"might" use soap on his body, probably won't write me a letter in the pre-addressed stamped envelope, and will have loads and loads of fun, while returning with wonderful memories and a thick coat of dirt covering most of his body.

Here's a look at some of this past week's highlights.
It was my birthday which meant a daytime trip with the kids to the beach,
and a nighttime date for sushi with my husband.

I also got together with two of my old college roommates with our kids.  One I hadn't seen in eight years and our kids had never met.  It was so sweet seeing them all playing together, especially the girls.  
It was surreal to me, remembering us as roommates, still practically kids ourselves.  And now we have all these little people connected to us, bonding with each other as friends.

And this weekend we had a joint celebration for my mom and me, our birthdays are only ten days apart.  Mimi watched while Ava worked on this cute circus fingerprint set.
Finally I leave you with a picture of probably the prettiest pasta I've ever seen.  The beautiful rainbow colors all come from vegetables! It's from World Market and was part of a gift basket for Mimi.  

Happy Sunday everyone!

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