Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the wonder

Oh how beautiful these two are.

I sat outside with my youngest while we had a picnic lunch with her friend.

I kept noticing these morning doves.  One just sat on a branch and did not move.  While the other sometimes pecked at her, do you see him nudging on her there? It was so sweet.  I'm assuming that's the Dad, but I suppose I could be totally wrong.  Anyway, he was very busy moving all around.
I wondered if our being there was making them nervous.  But I saw no nest.
Then I realized what the movement was about.  I believe they're just beginning their nest, the spot where they'll care for their babies.  This little guy would leave and pick up a leaf or stick.  
One by one he'd bring them back.  Then what was so interesting to me is he'd actually jump up on her back and drop the leaf over her.  
She'd pick it up with her beak and begin putting it in place.  I believe I'm watching the beginning of a bird's nest.  I've never seen one right from the start.   It was utterly fascinating. 

Our day was filled with playdates, therapy visits, grocery store runs and art class.  And I was inspired to try some new recipes from a couple of favorite raw food blogs.  
This is a cream of cucumber soup recipe and the salad is inspired by the mango-kale salad, only using peaches instead.

It went perfectly with this blueberry peach crisp recipe.  The green recipes my girls were not so into, I made an alternate dinner for them.  But they couldn't wait till it was time to dig into the dessert.  

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