Tuesday, July 19, 2011


around here...

this quote,

"I love swim lessons!"

Now that's a fast 180.

And I've been having more fun with my birthday presents.

I asked for a blender and a dehydrator for my birthday.  

I linked to a site that compared the excalibur and this one called the 

nesco.  Raw food purists would say the excalibur is the only way to 

go.  But I  went with this one due to the fact that the excalibur is 

just too big for my kitchen and this is just a fraction of the cost, 

while still drying just as efficiently.
I know some women would think I'm crazy to ask for such things as 

birthday gifts.

But I'm  in that kind of phase.

I made my first kale chips and as the raw cook books

warn, we couldn't stop eating them.

Sprinkled with olive oil, salt and garlic powder.  Yum.

I made a batch with cayenne pepper for my husband too.

And I'm very excited about this lady's cookbook

She's 70 years old.  It wasn't just her age that impressed me,

but her amazing sounding recipes.

I tried the arugula/fennel salad for lunch and then just had to make 

it again for some guests for dinner.  It was THAT good.  I added to

it, the chop chop salad.  As the title hints, there was a lot of 

chopping involved, but the sauce was to die for.  

And everyone actually felt full.  I told them they were my guinea 

pigs. I'm really excited about these recipes!

I'm off with the kids on a trip to visit my parents 

and Sea World.

Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures when I return!

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