Sunday, July 24, 2011

super trip

Where to begin?  I just had to start with this shot.
That face.
Those little legs.
So much fun. 
The New Children's Museum in 
downtown San Diego was just awesome!

This was a superhero logo making workshop. 
Mommy helped with the grown up scissors, 
cutting out the shapes they drew and their masks.
It was an all day event with tons of hands on exhibits 
and art classes,
 like this print making lesson for the kids.

They all had a blast, sculpting with clay,
Love the Mexican Oil Cloth covering the tables & chairs

and playing.
The best part was meeting up with Daddy 
before his call time for Comicon,  
watching the crazies there for the convention.  My four year old kept asking if they were real superheros.  Um, no, not really.
Sea World was a treat too.  
We started the day late in order to stay til it closed.  
This is the new Turtle Reef exhibit. 
 They were breathtaking.
I think the dolphin show was a favorite.
It's new (at least new since we last went two years ago)
With a story about a girl's greatest adventure, following a dream.
What little one doesn't dream of swimming with the dolphins.
This was the first year we all went on the 
Sesame Street rides together.
They raised their hands and 
screamed their hearts out on the swinging eel.  
It was fun and a glimpse into what life will be like as they get older,
going on roller coaster rides as a family.
It was exciting staying to see the nighttime Shamu show.  
I never had before, 
it was a completely different experience.
And the perfect way to end the day was with their fireworks show.  My picture doesn't do it justice.
Most of all I felt so blessed that they were 
so kind to each other and loving throughout the day.

Especially these two.  
It means so very much to her
when her brother shows her his love.

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