Thursday, July 14, 2011

mom friends

Mom friends.

Are so, so important.

To know you're in this together.  

Someone gets you.

And gets how you're doing your best to hold everyone

and everything together, and how so often you feel like you're

not quite there.  

It's nice to share and laugh at all the ups and downs of mommyhood.

And, to remind each other how the Lord's hand is through it all.

Last night I got to talk with this mom friend.. uninterrupted...
for about two straight hours.
Only we kept interrupting our own train of thought, getting side tracked while telling one story only to jump to another one needed as background.  

I'm sure it was more me than her.  

But you know what I'm talking about right?

And how mom friends are totally tracking with you, 
and are ok with bouncing from one thing to the next.

Because this is where we are in our lives and we must squeeze in as much 'catching up' as possible in these precious windows.

Tonight I'm meeting another friend at a Whole Foods lecture.
Who-hoo... these are my kind of 'girls nights.'  I'm serious. 

It's a rare week in my house.. 

because Mommy's night out just doesn't happen all that often.

So two in a row, now that's pretty amazing.


hill said...

i had a blast and think i interrupted myself more than you interrupted yourself. xoxo.

Wendy said...

Mom friends are the BEST and so very important! Sounds like a great night had and another one on the way!

DaMora said...

Love this post!

We truly are in an exclusive club as Mommy's.

emily anderson said...

so true! mom friends are wonderful :)

Jennifer said...

Mom friends are amazing. I'm glad I've got some pretty good ones myself. The Whole Foods lecture sounds like fun!!!

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