Tuesday, September 18, 2012

how does your garden grow?

Some ladies recently asked me who takes care of your garden?
My answer was, "The garden takes care of the garden."
It's the Lord's ways.
I planted the seed.
The water goes on every night.
And that's it.
And this garden well, it's sort of just doing it's thing.
So I planted one watermelon seed
and three pumpkin seeds.
And I knew they needed space, but I didn't realize just how much.
Or that they'd decide the top of the garden enclosure was a good place to trail.
So we have pumpkins and watermelon growing on the roof of the enclosure.
It's pretty out of control.
And amazing.
And my husband says we have no need to venture to a pumpkin patch this year.
We of course still will.
Because it's an adventure I just love.
But we won't be buying pumpkins. 
And the watermelon.
Well, it's kind of scaring me.
I tell you this plant must grow feet overnight.
I have no idea how this is all going to pan out.
We harvested our lettuce a little while ago
and for some reason everything is tasting a bit too salty to me.
The corn kind of looks like ants are overtaking it.
And I'm pretty sure these leaves aren't supposed to look like this.
But for our first time venturing into this
without really knowing what we're doing.
All of this abundance is pretty exciting.

And it reminds me of all the ways He provides.
I know I've been slightly quiet here this week.
Oh how many posts I need to write.
But life was a little rough
with some tears and many adjustments last week.
And I found myself needing to go to sleep as soon as my kids were.
But God is good.
And He is working things out.
And I feel him near and I'm resting in knowing even in the bumps
along the way it will be ok.

I'll share more when I can.
I pray you all are well.
We begin our fourth year of Community Bible Study today.
The girls and I are beyond excited.
Happy Tuesday!


Kim said...

I had a rough week last week as well...
starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...
Your garden looks awesome!

Chelsea said...

That's amazing! I can't wait until I have a house and can grow a garden. There are so many parables in scripture about plants and I think experiencing gardening would be a great experiential way to learn scripture.

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