Monday, September 3, 2012

an unexpected twist

Life has a way of taking unexpected twists and turns.
And Tuesday afternoon, my very active boy
who likes to jump and catapult off most every
surface imaginable decided to jump from a rather high tree.
He didn't land right and his right arm bent in under the weight of his body.
Leading to a clear break right through both bones.

I happened to be testing out a babysitter when it happened.
When I got home I could see it was more than a sprain.
And that landed us in the E.R. for much of the night.
And on the phone with health care providers
and in doctor's offices for much of the next day.
So this day became a science lesson
about x-rays and the chemical reaction that takes place
when the bandage coated in fiber glass meets water
it warms to the touch and starts to harden.
Pretty cool.
So the cast will be on for six weeks,
with no activity for a total of eight.
So much for basketball season that was about to start.
But if I'm going to look at the silver lining
I figure maybe God knew that it was going to be one too many
things on our schedule for the fall.

And now my son knows he's breakable.

That was one of the first things I said to him once it was a confirmed break.
"You thought you couldn't break didn't you?"
And he replied, "yes."
I truly think he thought he was invincible. 
But now he knows, we all break.
And that's why mom and dad say, "Be careful."
And I guess it's kind of a rite of passage.

This weekend was a full one for us.
One which included a boy camp out in our backyard.
That then inspired our girls to want a family camp out the next night.
And so we did.
I hardly took a picture.  Leaving everything behind.
I really wanted to just disconnect.
It was pretty cool. 

And honestly I wondered why we had never done this before.
The boys told me the day before how awesome the sunrise was.
And to think I'd never gone to our deck to see it myself.
In all the years we've lived in our home.

I was rather embarrassed
that I had never seen such a stunning display of God's beauty
literally in my own backyard. 
One rather loud bird
which my husband deemed God's alarm clock
woke us a little before the rays peeked out above the mountains.
The pictures hardly do it justice.
The white ethereal glow over the fog before
the orange rays emerged. 
It was breathtaking.
Once the sun broke through the warmth grew tenfold
and the sheer brightness was overwhelming.
My husband so lovingly went and made coffee to bring up.
And the morning was perfect.
It was like a vacation.
Only we were steps from home.

And so we begin week two for our homeschool.
Tomorrow begins our co-op.
I'm excited and hope the girls both find it fun too.
Mostly I'm praying each of them connects with at least
one friend that can be close for them through this year.
Because although we're still friends with old school friends.
This new journey is a little different and they won't be seeing
those school friends day in and day out.
So to find a close homeschool friend, well that's 
something this mama heart really wants for them.
Because I know how much friendships are important
to us girls.  Especially through our growing years.

409. that gorgeous sunrise
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415. burlap
416. white yarn
417. neighbors with a dog for the girls to play
418. fun math games
419. not having tests to stress about
420. a great sermon
421. lessons learned
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423. watercolor
424. inspiration
425. the kindness & generosity of other artists
426. plans for october


Mommas Sunshine said...

In the midst of broken bones, it is wonderful that you still found time for the beauty of life!
Pretty pictures! Looks like a lot of fun!

Kim said...

Poor baby! Ouch that hurts!

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