Tuesday, September 4, 2012

oh me, oh my

(In order - Lucy, Hannah & Belle)
Can you tell their personalities by this picture alone?
Lucy is the nervous Nelly.  She panics in that 'sky is falling kind of way'
when you come into the room and make a noise.
Hannah, she's the most chill.  She lets our girls play with her to their heart's content.
She's a little smaller.  And just so sweet.
And Belle, she's the largest and I think the leader.
She's dominant and strong and the girls need help catching her already.
They're seven weeks old now.
And we have them in our bathtub incubator till at least ten weeks.
They said ten to twelve.
Until then they need the heat lamp because they can't regulate their own body temperature.
My husband is ready to put them up in the coop.
Me, not yet.
It'll be weird not being able to check on them so easily.
They're losing their baby feathers and the grown up ones are coming in so beautifully.
And even if they are kind of funny looking with their little socks.
I think they're adorable.
And they've captured a place in my heart.

Meanwhile, I have lots to share with you....
about a baby shower I'm hosting.
I used this as a chance to try a few of those projects I'd been wanting to do forever.
I can't show you the full reveal till after this Friday.
But I can give you a sneak peak and let you know
I've managed to let the girls help in almost every part of the process.
They've loved it.
And this little project, well it was a total walk down memory lane from my
own childhood, making many, many of these.

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