Friday, September 7, 2012

instagram friday

a sneak peak at our week....tonight i'll host a baby shower so some of these are supposed to be surprises...
if the special mommy to be happens to be seeing this, maybe just log off before the surprises are ruined.
But I'm oh so excited to celebrate her and her baby tonight and then share more with you all later!

1. meet lizzie
    caught by the girls, their new 'temporary pet'
    she likes to travel with them everywhere.
2. and happily hangs out (even during story time) without running away
3-6. baby shower prep.  I've always wanted to make a miniature garden. 
       All of these projects have made me happy.  Can't wait to celebrate my oldest, dearest friend.
7. I'm not a neat creator by any means.  I make big huge happy messes
    and clean up later.
8. A second appointment with the orthopedist.  The break moved
    and the cast was too a new one.  The girls are fascinated by the process.
9.  And this time, he's sporting a bumble bee cast.
p.s. somehow this post never posted, but was I know it's not friday, but it was written friday, so here you go a little late! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love baby showers! SO much fun!

ANd I am loving the cast! LOL

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