Monday, September 10, 2012

ten on ten : september

1. coloring first thing in the morning
2. pledge of allegiance 
(I was really far away when I remembered I almost 
forgot to take a pic for this hour hence the blurriness)
3. bootcamp barre class.  
4. Audrey practicing her September poem for recitation tomorrow
5. lunch 
6. quick run to target for ballet clothes after discovering 
big sister's no longer fit.  
7. back in the car to pick up big brother
8. ebay mail - a 1961 boy scout guide
reading in the car
9. the skirt!
10. playing with the chickens while mommy cleans their home


mmcgre01 said...

Wonderful photos - just wonderful. Loved the ballet photo on their toes.

Kiki said...

That chicken soup book brings back so many childhood memories! Great set!

alita jewel said...

Awe! I just loved looking through your day. My fave shot is the pledge, but the chicken picture is so cute.


Jo said...

tutus! i die :)

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