Friday, November 2, 2012

insta friday

A little highlight of our week via instagram.
One last pumpkin patch hurrah.
Cozy new sweater spent with her own gift card.
The morning light.
Bible study homeschool group.
It was my turn to work in their class.
Learning about Abram's obedience in trusting God.
A doctors appointment for my son, he hijacked my phone.
Halloween school day in costume with their tutor.
And little helpers baking banana bread.
Finding the dog Piper in the doll's bed.
The girls thinking it's hysterical.


Kim said...

How is your boys arm?? Sweet pictures!

Jackie said...

Thanks Kim. Well, three weeks ago the cast should have come off, but it wasn't healed completely. The doctor said he could have a brace if he could be careful. I said, "I think it's best we just put another cast on it." It should have come off on Halloween, but he got sick so we cancelled. HOpefully this next week. It has been ten weeks now.

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