Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a little update

One - the girl's tutor also happens to be a photographer.
She shared these pictures of them.  I love them.  They're from her facebook page.

Two- This little lady who struggles with dyslexia...
I finally had my meeting to go over her test score comparison from the beginning in April and the end in August.  I am so super happy to report that her symbol imagery went from a 7 percent to an 87 percent, with her age level being 8 years 11 months.  When taken, she was only 7 years 8 months.  That means she tested above grade level...and that quite honestly is huge to me.
The primary focus of the work they did with her at Lindamood Bell was to get her to be able to have symbol imagery more concretely.  These kids that struggle to memorize sight words and number value and all of those things that many do naturally, it often times is because they just can't see it in their mind.  Lindamood Bell's system is supposed to develop it and help the brain grow those connections.  And I'd say that is definite improvement.  I was needing a bit of good news.  And this to me is amazing.

We still have a long way to go with the processing and fluency.  But I will take this as moving in the right direction.

Three- An animal update.  I haven't shown you the chickens lately.

These pictures are actually already a little old.  They've changed already, losing those baby feathers around their face and the skin is turning red.  I must show you soon, their eyes have turned all different colors.  A steely blue, a greenish color and a yellow/amber color.  Really interesting.  We've let them forage in what's left of the garden.  I think they're very happy there.

And Piper.  Oh Piper.
She's giving us a run for our money.  Seriously.  She likes to bolt.  If the door is opened without someone holding her collar she's down the street.  We're careful, but with three kids and workers who come and go, it's not always foolproof.  And the potty training.  We take her out frequently, and she comes in and promptly poops again.  In the house.  It's not so pretty.  Good thing she's cute I tell you.
So there you go.  In the midst of homeschooling and carpooling and homework and meal time and
co-ops and bible studies and field trips and sick kids and sick mommy, we're trying to keep chickens and little Miss Piper happy and in line.  It's kind of chaos.  Kind of a lot.  And I guess that's sort of normal.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

I'm so looking forward to the week off and the chance to focus on giving Thanks!


goldengirls said...

Good news about your daughter's progress! It's hard work but it is so worth it! Continue to keep praying!

Kim said...

Yes, very good news! Awesome! Sorry about the dog... it will get better.

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