Sunday, November 25, 2012


Oh how I love stickers.

I would save my money as a child to go to a
speciality paper store in Encinitas.

And my next door neighbor, 
a school principal, owned a 
teacher supply store with loads of
scratch n sniff stickers.

Both were better than a candy store to me.

I carefully saved them in an old-school photo album.  
An album I found a few years back at my parent's house.  
Still untouched. 

So learning how to make my own stickers.
Well, it was a little bit of bliss.
They're perfect for party favors,
stocking stuffers,
letter writing,
or just to keep for yourself.
My girls are carrying on the love of stickers 
and are playing with the test sheets.
And now, you can get your own set of 54 stickers packaged 
sweetly for gift giving in the shop.
They feature the girls from my scripture art
and each one comes with a coordinating word 
or phrase taken from the scripture that goes with the print.
I wanted them to be fun and encouraging.

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hill said...

so so so cute! xoxo.

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