Friday, November 30, 2012

instagram friday

Oh what a week it has been.
I won't be showing you pics of some events.
Because they're just too gross.

Long story short is that I fell on a ramp at bible study, 
wound up scraping the top of my foot. 
Landed on my butt, sort of stunned on how it all happened.
Got some neosporin and a bandaid and thought that was that.

Until the next afternoon.  It started feeling weird.
Like there was all this pressure and it was hot.
I discovered the whole foot was swollen and red.
The infection was spreading up towards my leg.
And that had my doctor very concerned.

I'm now on two really heavy duty antibiotics.
Drugs I don't like being on.
But she said, "The other choice is you die of a foot infection."
Well ok, I don't like that choice even more.
I'm on the mend praise God.
And I'm praying against any of the side effects from the drugs.

But another praise, I love my doctor, I love UCLA,
and truly love the demeanor of every doctor I've come across there.
If I ever move I will miss having this kind of medical care.

On to happier things.... instagram fun!

We finally went to play at a newly renovated park.
(This was long before the foot incident)
And went fishing at a nearby lake.
I think this is one of my all time favorite instagram pics.
Daddy took the kids out for the day.
I had a much needed day of rest.
Ready for church..
Yes, this is how she went.  She said, I'm party pretty girl,
part cowgirl.  And she had the saunter to prove it.
 A cowgirl who likes to climb trees.
And sharpen her pocket knife, just like her brother.
This little lady can be demanding sometimes.  
Not in a bad way.  She just knows what she wants
and she isn't afraid to express it.  
And she is so sweet about it.
Well, she's always asking me to draw things so she can copy them
or color them in.
Sometimes I'm not in the mood or feel like I have too much to do.
But you know her insistence is actually good.
It makes me try things I've been ruminating about, but haven't put on paper.
This was quickly snapped while at one of my four visits to UCLA this week.
Whew.  Just praising God the infection is getting better.
And Miss Piper jumped in the car on the way to school.
So she was my side kick.
I loved watching her watch the world out the window.
Including the crazy dancing banana man.
She looked so innocent and sweet.
And then she puked, all over everything.
That wasn't so sweet.

This picture barely does it justice, but Tuesday night
the moon was gorgeous.
And these girls are so into putting their outfits together.
And this one, is five.
But she's the most independent child I have.
She insists on doing things herself.
Including blow drying her hair.
Love it. :)
And we rounded out our week with a fun tea party.
Well, at first the lady on the left laughed and said,
"It's not a party mom, it's lunch."
But then she got into it, setting up the table just right.
Happy Friday everyone!
Head on over to life rearranged for more snapshots into everyone's week.


Kim said...

Ouch on your foot infection! So sorry to hear that... I hope you are better soon.
Your girl in those cowboy boots looks so adorable! Honestly!
Looks like your boy's arm is all better. Great skateboarding!
Be blessed this weekend...

Emily said...

Ack, hope your foot feels better! That's horrible!

Leah Heffelfinger said...

Hi Jackie! Your kids are too cute! And Miss Piper! Adorable! The cowgirl boots and sharpening her pocket knife - I hope I have a cutie like that someday!

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