Friday, November 9, 2012

instagram recap

So apparently I was pretty active on instagram this week.
Have I mentioned I love Fridays?
I really do.
I think they've become my most favorite day of the week.
Knowing that there's no homework and we have two days
off from our daily commute.
I don't complain much, but honestly the 3-4 hours it takes
each day to get him to school and home and then picked up
and is a relief to know I have a weekend reprieve.

On Fridays I have a sitter in the afternoon to work on my etsy things.
We have movie night as a family.
And my son's favorite, sleepovers with pancake breakfasts
the next day.
Speaking of my son..the cast is finally off.
Ten weeks later...and two more weeks
of being careful.  Then he can resume his normal
'boy-ish' activities.
This week in homeschool.
Felt board math.
Sight word games.
And the coolest science co-op ever.
Making their own fossils using sand,
dirt and clay..making their own
hypothesis of which would work best.
I'm beyond grateful to have this group.
Because I most likely would not be doing all
of this by myself.
The girls got to vote with me.
And the leaves.
So pretty.
We don't quite have the fall the east coast does.
But we still see changes that are plenty reason to play.
Miss Piper.  She's giving us a run for our money.
Let's just say the training isn't going nearly as well as
it did with our first dog.  She likes to bolt.
She thinks it's a game.
And the potty training.
She comes right back in and goes again.
So we're tightening up the reigns, 
hoping things start to click soon.
I almost forgot, the girls are just about
as obsessed with sea creatures as I am.
And have covered our back patio with as 
many chalk drawings as they can find space.
And finally... some things that make me happy.
My nightstand display.
My youngest's one year old handprint.
And my "Streams In The Desert" morning devotional
reminding me NOTHING is too hard for the Lord.


Kim said...

Okay, just saw this post! The weekend went so fast! Are you reading 1000 Gifts? I am! I find that I have to have some alone time to get through it. I am on my last chapter!
Great pos! What a sweet post!

Jackie said...

Hi Kim..I did read it about gosh.. a little over a year ago I think it was. I loved it..and yes I couldn't be tired reading it. It's so rich and I needed to really focus. I actually could use reading it again..and again...and again. It's a great book. Thanks for always sending me nice comments.

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