Monday, March 4, 2013

a little piece of bliss

That is what this place feels like to me.
Every single time we stop in.
I usually don't have as much time as I wish I could spend.
And as for spending, I don't even buy anything.

It's quite simply a blissful feast for the eyes and senses. 
A journey through the old and new.
The beauty of it all assembled together.

I don't know how to explain it really.
But I just love looking,
soaking it all in.
And I know they enjoy it too. 
So we all peruse, and touch, and read.
It's just plain fun to imagine
the lives and time periods these items touched.
This summer we have plans for a weekly beach outing. 
And let me tell you, there will be many more stops here
 for a little feasting of the eyes on the way home.

470. changes that are exciting
471. pretty skies
472. kite flying
473. simply being with them
474. a schedule
475. summer & fall plans 
476. dinner pulled together 
477. seeing maturity in my children
478. an apology without asking
479. friend's babies
480. playdates
481. birthday parties
482. a slumber party in our future
483. polka dots
484. thank you notes...finally!

Linking to multitude on mondays...counting my gifts.
And to hello monday.
Because that's a lot of blissful hello's up there.
And I'm saying hello to a new week
where I will not let the treadmill of more to do with not enough time
get me down.  I will still stop and meander and take the moment in
despite the running to do list.
We've got a lot on our plate this week.

School, dance classes, language therapy, horseback riding, orthodontist, 
a Tuesday night baseball game,
a speech by Robert E. Lee to his son to help my son memorize,
gymnastics, lots of logging for an upcoming edit for me, 
and a young man in our home has a birthday saturday with a 
game and a celebration with his friends.

Hello to a full week...and somewhere in there I MUST make
meal plans.  I've been failing in this department so badly lately.
And everything has been flying by the seat of my pants when it
comes to feeding my family.  
If anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them!


Janis Cox said...

Wow - just a wonderful look through time. Loved the picture of your little girl at the typewriter. Beautiful.
Linking in from 1000 Gifts.
I have a link too for counting Gifts if you care to post yours.

Tim and Richelle said...

that looks like an absolutely delightful outing! what fun!

Kim said...

You know all the cool places here... I still have not managed an outing to the tide pools. Gotta get out there...
Looks like a great list. You have inspired me to start counting again...
I think I will do it today.
Blessings to you!
BTW, are you attending CHEA this year?? It is at Disneyland Hotel!

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