Friday, March 22, 2013


The week started with 
Have I mentioned how much I love the tutor that helps me two
mornings a week with the girls.  Not only does she help me
with their schooling, but she busts out cute projects I was thinking
of doing, only probably wouldn't have gotten around to, and this is one of them.
I LOVE it, and now have two gracing my kitchen window ledge.
The perfect reminder of the perfect love.
Mondays have become quite the extra-curricular day
with horseback riding, hip hop and ballet.
One of the blessings of homeschool is that
we can do some of these things before regular schools gets out.
A special breakfast treat for a busy Tuesday, starting
with taking brother to school, doing our own, then community bible study, 
then picking up brother and heading to his  baseball game that went til nearly dark. 
There was a little window of time in there to play & investigate lizards.
Wednesday, collecting our presents.  Still two a day,
one of the girls isn't laying yet.
(and yes, she's in a phase where she's pretty obsessed with that seahorse shirt.  
It appears several times this week.)
At least once I day I can be heard sighing over 
something Piper our puppy has destroyed.
It's a good thing she's cute I tell you.
This week had some stressful bumps.
So everyone was ready for a Menchi's treat.
On Thursday, our science co-op met at the Skirball center
to walk the exodus steps.  It was really cool.
Soon I'll upload pictures for a full tour of how we walked with the Israelites to freedom!
And that brings us to
While the two older kids were in art, 
my youngest and I had fun exploring a used book sale.
I scored that 'Modern Encyclopedia for Children.'
It's not so modern anymore, and that's just why I like it.
Happy beginning of the weekend everyone!
I think Friday night family movie night is my
favorite time of the week.

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Kim said...

I keep saying I need to do this Insta Friday... you have a busy week...
Looks like it was a fun week too!

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