Sunday, March 10, 2013

to celebrate him

The festivities began a day early by stealing him away from school 
for lunch at In N Out
Check out their neapolitan shake.  A very rare treat.
And then the morning of his big day, an early game.
And opening presents.
They were kind of heavy on the dead mau 5 neff theme.
Speaking of themes.
As of last year he informed me that he's no longer
into themed birthdays or cute invitations.
So I'm off the hook.
This is both kind of a relief and kind of sad.
But his parties, are still very much fun.
And they have their own flow of activities.
He's kind of got it down pat.
They go something like this...
Running, jumping, and playing around.
Then an airsoft battle.
In between here and dinner my youngest had a birthday party to attend.
So I left Daddy in charge.
And I was mighty
impressed to come home to eight boys who had all
been fed and the kitchen cleaned up already.
After the jacuzzi, it's time for s'mores.
I joke that all I really need to do is to keep a steady supply of food.
Then they watch a movie, 
with an intermission for singing, the cake,
and a family photo op.
Happy Birthday to our big 11-year-old in the house.
So big he's just three inches away from being as tall as me.
And already has surpassed me in shoe size.

My husband said you know
in ten years he'll be 21.

If this ten goes as fast as the last I'm in trouble.
So I just won't think about that.
And instead I'll cherish the right now. 

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