Saturday, March 16, 2013

find your past

I've been mighty quiet here I know.
Part of the reason for that is
I've been burning the midnight oil a bit lately.
Interviewing, writing and producing a series of pieces 
for a company called find my past.

Click on the image above (let the whole video upload before hitting play)
 for a peek at the first installment.

It's so exciting to me to start with nothing and see a project come alive.
The collaborative process with the photographer and editor is so much fun too.

It's going to be shown at a national trade show next week
before 5,000 people.  
And then will be on their website.

The goal is to encourage people of all
ages and stages of life to start documenting their
family tree and using online resources to do so.

This job has inspired me.
And I think there will be some digging into my own
past very soon.

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