Monday, March 18, 2013

good morning monday

this will be a good week.
I'm declaring it.

A lot of things that have been hanging over are wrapping up.
Our final edits will finish for the family history project.

My son's page long speech by Robert E. Lee to his son will be
delivered by him on Tuesday.  He we have put so much time
into memorizing and working on it.  I feel for him.  This is going
to be hard for him.  He's so nervous, but it's a learning experience
and soon, it will be done.

A quick recap and counting of blessings from this weekend.

A double header Saturday meant lots of baseball.
This lady got a hair cut....a very big hair cut.
None of us are in love with it, but it'll grow.
A visit to the park was in order for some dog walking,
ball catching, and skateboard practicing.
I just love their joy in this picture of weighing things.
Always trips to the grocery store are mingled in.
I can't seem to keep up on any kind of a system so we
stop by more frequently than we should.

And a visit from my parents, partially for fun, partially for work.
I'll be making a cameo with them because we needed more footage on researching your past.
Oh and eggs, we're getting two a day now.  We stored them up for some scrambled goodness after church.
And finally, some easter preparations.  I've been singing this song in my head a lot lately.
And these fun chalk pastels are making me smile.  Happy almost Easter everyone!
I'm so looking forward to the next couple of weeks preparing for the Resurrection.
491. eggs and more eggs
492. fresh air
493. blooming things everywhere
494. diligence and determination
495. learning 
496. finishing things
497. small group 
498. girl time
499. playing catch
500. plans for a real authentic seder coming up!
 (more on that soon)

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CynthiaJSwenson said...

Sweet post! I love that song too. Thanks for sharing. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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