Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Living With The {im}perfect

Ok.. it's week two in picture me {im}perfectly.  

I'm shuddering as I upload this photo that I'm actually sharing it with you.

My car.

I mentioned here that it needed a bath REALLY badly.

It got one.

But do you know the inside, in a matter of days,

is thrashed again.

I took this just after my purse tumbled off the seat


and upside down

spilled most of the contents on the floor.

I haven't actually finished picking it all up.

It all shouldn't even be in my purse anyway.

You know when you go to a baby shower 

and they play that game where you get points for

having certain things in your purse.

I often thought I should get bonus points for the strange

number of things that find their way in mine and sort of 

live there, 
but just sort of there
taking up space,

and probably weighing me down more than is necessary.

So my car is already in need of a good cleaning out.

And so is my purse.


I put it out there.

It bugs me.

But I also generally am running in the door, put my purse down

and am hit with a million other things that take priority.

I forget to go back out to the car and that whole out of sight

out of mind thing happens.

Until the next morning when I say, "Oh yea." 

I need to get to that today.

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hill said...

i love this.
i can so relate.
thank you for being so beautifully, wonderfully honest.

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