Friday, January 28, 2011

Notable Quotable

I'm sort of new to the blog world and I don't know if anyone else already does this.  But I was thinking it might be fun to have a Friday Notable Quotable day.

A chance to write any of the funny or inspirational quotes you've heard throughout the week.  Quotes from your kids, your husband, scripture, a devotional.  Something worth remembering.  A notable quotable.

The reason I thought of this is there are so many notable quotables that come out of young children.  Whether funny or profound, we want to remember them.

And as for devotionals, I'm always wanting to share what I've read from mine and from scripture.  So on Fridays I'm going to do so here.  

Here's more from my three-year-old (almost four.. tomorrow) theologian.

I must preface this with saying that these statements while we're driving come out of nowhere.  We aren't already having any kind of big discussion.  She's just thinking and then these statements follow.

AUDREY:   "Mommy, sometimes you cry even when you're happy."

ME:              "Yes, we do sometimes cry even when we're happy.  
                      What makes you cry when you're happy?"

AUDREY:   "When Jesus loves me."

Seriously?  She's three.  But don't you think sometimes kids have wisdom beyond their years.  I think those thoughts are from the Holy Spirit.  Such an innocent wisdom I want them to hold onto forever.

And another car conversation:

AUDREY:         "One day you'll be big like Daddy Mommy."

ME:                    "Well, Audrey, actually I won't.  Daddy will always be 
                           bigger than Mommy.  
                           God made him that way. And I don't really want to be as  
                           big as Daddy."

AUDREY:         "You're right Mommy, because when you're smaller you're 
                         cute and you're pretty cute Mommy."

That was an awe moment for me.  I needed to see myself the way she sees me.  The way God sees me.

My lupus is in a flare.  The first one since July.  It started on Sunday.  I think it was a combination of things all piled on top of each other, including doing too much the couple of weeks leading up to my daughter's party.  I've been feeling a bit sad about that, so her sweet words warmed my heart.

Here's to all of our notable quotables.  Feel free to leave a comment of a favorite quote, inspirational saying or scripture that speaking to you right now.  I'd love to read them!  Happy Friday everyone.  

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