Monday, December 19, 2011


Are you ever struck right between the eyes with the disparity in this world.
The way we live as Americans.
In one night, as I procrastinate the things I need to be doing.

Browsing through pinterest to pin those 'one day' ideas.
I come across beautiful images of home renovations.

DIY projects galore.

Homemade cleaning products.

Beautiful package wrapping ideas.
And then I come to these.

That lead me to this site.

And her story.
She's a 21-year-old, raising 14 young girls in Uganda, as their mother.

And I suddenly feel like those DIY projects are oh so very frivolous.
It's hard to not feel guilty for being among those that have.
I know there isn't anything wrong with making things pretty and being creative.
God as the great creator, made us in His image and made us a creative people.
And as a family we give and serve, but when I see things like Katie's story I can't help but feel like I just don't do enough.... at all.  My days are so filled with the driving to and fro, the care taking, the classes, the homework, the cleaning up.

I'm not living the way Katie lives.
When I'm in the midst of frustration over a fridge door that is always breaking sending glass jars crashing to the floor, cupboards that are disorganized, children that throw everything in the closet and shut the door, I forget there are women without a home to clean, or if they have a home the floors are made of dirt.

And there are girls without mothers, forced into lives that are unimaginable.
I do have these women, these children, these hurting people on my heart.  And we pray for them.  And we give to organizations that help.  We serve in ways we can.

But I don't feel like it's enough.

I know the Lord has me serving primarily in my home at this time.  But I can't help being bothered by the irony of such beauty, such prettiness, when others are living in such need.  I in no way want to make anyone feel guilty, especially the creators of those pictures I have taken from pinterest.  I loved them all and saved them for a reason.

I'm just wanting to save this feeling of needing to do more...and to see where and how the Lord wants me to do more in this coming year.  And to balance my need to create with my need to serve His kingdom in an everlasting way.
I'm linking to Multitudes on Mondays.

276. a child who always puts things in the right perspective.
277. children shopping for each other for surprise Christmas gifts
278. a kitchen...even with broken doors.
279.  sleeping in this weekend.
280.  a community of women coming together
281.  A Christmas program that centered me.
282.  An answered prayer to be delivered from a stronghold
283.  A friend's husband being delivered from ALS and is now healed in Heaven.
284. A Christmas show tomorrow night that I just know will bring me to tears.
285.  This picture my husband just texted me from Santa Barbara where he's working today.
A perfect display of God's magnificent beauty.  
Aligning perfectly with my quiet time reading this very morning.    
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." 
Psalm 19:1


Annalea said...

okay...i'm sitting here feeling not a little stunned by this post; especially having read it right after pinning and contemplating making cookies and feeling lazy about washing up my dishes and wondering if i have time to get my nails done before christmas. i so often feel like i don't do enough for others or that i could be doing more....should be doing more. i know there are a lot of ways that i serve others and i'm going to forgo the pull to list what they are to justify myself (i'm working on this). yet i know that where i am now in my life is right where i'm supposed to be. for such a time as this. you are serving where you are. kate is serving where she is. i am and so are others. i believe that, knowing the needs of others, God calls us to serve in ways to meet those needs ~ i've witnessed it time and time again. so...that's what i'll add to my list of 1000 gifts today: for such a time as this. for me, there's blessing and serving in those six small words.

Joyfull said...

Wow! Beautiful reminder of how truly blessed we are. I have been in that frame of mind, of always looking, wanting more and neglecting to count my blessings. God is so gracous, all the time. Thanks for sharing today.

Chelsea said...

I LOVE that blog- it's so inspiring/convicting/beautiful!

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