Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a million directions

Do you feel like you're moving in a million diretions?
Lately I do.
Christmas DIY gifts..very excited, but can't show you till they've been given.
Address labels, checking & fixing.
Etsy orders, printing & creating.
Dishes half unloaded.
Clean up from the day half done.
I start one thing, but don't manage to finish before I remember something else that needs attending.
I'm feeling pretty ADD bouncing from one project to the next without finishing any.
But I HAVE to share with you the song that inspired this drawing.
It's only partially done so I'm giving you a sneak peak.
For some reason when I upload it, it keeps turning the skin more harsh and yellow than it really is.
But I'm trying to hurry here and don't have time to mess with it anymore.
Our praise band will play a lot of original music.
And this past week they released their new 
FREE ep called HYMNS.
They've taken old hymns and re-worked them
to make them different, new.

When I first heard their version of this song months ago I fell in love with it.
I never heard the original hymn growing up.
So this was my first exposure to this song.
Love Lifted Me.
Click here to's the second song.
This part...
 "Jesus saves, 
Jesus saves, 
He will lift you from the crashing waves
crashing waves.
He will never leave you."
It gets me in so many ways.
The times in the past when He has carried me through 
the hardest things I've faced.
When I've literally felt him lift me from the crashing waves.
It gives me chills.

And in the little things.
As I find my mind spinning in a million directions.
It reminds me to just be still and give praise to the ONE
who lifts us all.

Praise God.
 Praise God.
I couldn't wait to share this song with you.
The print, inspired by it and a friend who asked me,
 to please make an illustration to go with 
Psalm 46:10 
"Be still and know that I am God."
I think the two are very fitting.

My 'be still-crashing waves' girl 
 and another print inspired by this song firefly...
by children's artist Frances England
are both slowly coming to life.

I couldn't be more all over the place with my
music, my inspiration, my to-do lists.

But that is life right?
And I know it's better than feeling un-inspired right?

And thankfully, the music actually helps keep me focused.
So back to work I go.

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Chelsea said...

Love Lifted Me was one of my absolute favorite hymns at our little church when I was younger. I love how music can focus us back on the big picture. Wishing you a productive afternoon!

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