Monday, December 5, 2011

they're ordered...

Remember way back when I posted about our family photo shoot.
I thought I was being prepared and early.
And this year I wouldn't be ordering our cards in December.

But I didn't get the layout finished, and here we are, December 5th.

But it's finally done... here's a peak.
I'm trying a new to me company this year.

It's mpix.  I really liked their template guides
for the safe zone.  They were easy to figure out and totally made sense.

For some reason I always get a little nervous hitting that final return button on the order,
hoping I don't catch some mistake after the fact, once they've all been printed.

But it's done and I already have an email that they're on their way!

In other news for us, we went ice skating for the first time last night.  Hopefully I'll show you pictures soon.  But right now I must get orders out and get shopping for costumes for our kid's Christmas shows.

It never ceases to amaze me how little time we stay at home moms spend
at home.  I find my list full and our days packed with things to do, especially now that our
kids are getting older.

This Saturday is 'early Christmas' with my sister and her husband and baby coming from New York.
That meant I actually had to hit the mall this weekend and will probably be out again before the week is over.  I'm not a shopper.  Have I mentioned that here?  I just don't like malls very much.  I love to do as much as I can online.  But for this, I just didn't prepare ahead to the mall we went.

I tackled it on Saturday night with all three kids and I must say they were major troopers.  We got part of our list done.   I'm bound and determined to not get stressed by the season's mounting to do lists. on the list is cleaning up the half decorated house so we can put the stacks of boxes away.  We started decorating last weekend and there the boxes & ladder keep sitting awaiting my attention.  

Happy Monday everyone.

259.  finishing our card
260.  successful shopping
261.  ice skating fun
262.  our last preschool christmas show
263.  my sister is coming to visit!
264.  seeing & holding her baby!!!
265.  children's excitement over Christmas


Anonymous said...

I love the card! I usually use Mixbook or Shutterfly but I really like how your's looks, esp. the writing. Enjoyed visiting from Ann's place. Great list!

Anonymous said...

Love the card! :)

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