Tuesday, December 20, 2011

new traditions?

I'm always up for new traditions.
So we joined a friend on one of hers.
Each year her extended family comes to visit for her child's Christmas show.

And each year, she heads to the city of San Fernando (did you know there was an actual city called San Fernando) off the 118 freeway to a tamale factory where they make fresh tamales right where you can see them.
My youngest, joined us on our field trip.
It was an event I tell you.
And I just love her excitement over nearly everything in life.
Including these tamales.

It was fun watching them being made.
And fun getting a dozen for $22 dollars...meaning I have two meals ready and waiting for those busy nights coming up where I might not know what to make for dinner.

It was a fun day with my dearest friend...(She has the picture of us together on her camera).
And a fun new tradition for us.  Boy I just said fun a lot.  It's late.  Trying to go to bed.
Decided to add this post to my to do list before going to bed.  But you know the picture loading process always takes a bit of time.  I'm not feeling too much like editing my words, so bear with me here. :)

Other little tidbits of inspiration from pinterest this week.

Oh man, it's addicting I tell you, but such a great resource really.

I signed up to bring grapes for my son's class party.

I could have brought them in a simple bowl, but seeing this earlier in the week inspired me to make them more festive.  The original pin suggests using  a star fruit for the top, I did not have time to get to the store to find one...so I cut up a lemon to resemble a star.  It took some serious effort.  But it's close enough.
And these...well these are from one of my favorite gluten free chefs.  Seriously.  Gluten free ginger molasses cookies dipped in organic dark cacao chocolate.  Scrumptious.  The tag line that the ginger adds anti-inflammatory benefits was what caught my eye.  A cookie that's anti-inflammatory for a lady battling (and prayerfully beating) lupus...I'm all over it. :)
Here they are cooling, but as you can see some little fingers already snagged one.
I have another pinterest inspired idea up my sleeve to package them for resource teachers and neighbors.

Hopefully those pictures will come tomorrow.

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