Friday, August 31, 2012

our homeschool space

As promised I thought I'd give a little rundown of the homeschool space
and links to where I got the things you see.
It was fun to have a reason to spend a little money transforming 
our kitchen nook into a learning space.
And let me tell you, they've already come in handy!

These number cards are from Children Inspire.  I had made them 
a favorite on etsy a long time ago.  And this was the perfect reason to get them.

The map, I just couldn't get it out of my head.
After seeing it in Dirtsa Studio's shop.  
I asked her if she creates for homeschool families.  
She doesn't, it's just an aesthetic that she likes.
I love that it's cool and vintage, and so very practical.
I asked for the one that includes Hawaii and Alaska
because we very much love Hawaii.
The girls are already enjoying coloring and writing on it.

And I knew I wanted to have a print that summarized that feeling of
PLAY that I decided I needed to bring back with me from our recent vacation.
I have long loved the designs by Katie Daisy at the wheat field so I went straight to her shop.  

But choosing was hard, so hard.
I finally decided upon this one with the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote.

If you have read my post titled free you'll get why.

The C.S. Lewis print is a free download from Jen at the logan family
I had pinned it long ago, and found that the color scheme works perfectly.
Plus what a cool C.S. Lewis quote.

I added a couple of gold frames from Marshalls with pictures of the girls playing in the sea.

And this is how we're displaying our A,B,C's. 

Since we've been through traditional school for awhile, 
I know that most kids need to reference their A,B,C's from time to time.
Having them up and easily accessible isn't just for fun.
It's necessary.

I wanted to buy some cute print, really.  I wanted to get this one from
Stephanie Fizer Coleman at the Fox and the Teacup.
But truthfully I knew that the letters needed to be more prominent and straight forward.
So I decided to just scan a sheet from a workbook
and then I changed the background color to one that I liked
and knew the girls would too.

I enlarged it to 11x17
and painted an existing frame I had from red to a fun aqua.

And finally, for our calendar.  Again, I want it clear and up for them to reference.
But I didn't want it to completely feel like a primary colored classroom calendar.

What I decided to do was to design a layout in photoshop.
I had a frame that was 16x20.
To make sure nothing gets cut off, the design is 15 1/2 x 19 1/2
With the glass on top I can write and wipe off as the months go by.
And they can add little doodles too.

If you'd like to use this framed calendar for your home or
family use I've made it free through google docs.

I had it printed at a local office store on 16x20 paper.
I brought the frame with me to make sure it fit exact.
Not all 16x20 frames are exact, mine was a little smaller.

Enjoy, and if you decide to use it I'd love to hear about it!


Kim said...

So absolutely adorable! Really, such a sweet room and very inviting...

Laura said...

What a GREAT post! Such helpful ideas and fabulous links. Thank you for sharing!! I love your style. :)

Mama to AWE said...

Fabulous! We are in the middle of setting up for school to start Tuesday. Hadn't tackled the calendar issue yet...William needs to see/learn this. But they also are learning days of the week are capitalized. I do like the style, but I don't want to confuse them :(

Happy home schooling and enjoy! I pray you will have as much fun as we do!

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