Monday, October 10, 2011

current loves

Do you know how much I love pandora?

And how much I rely on it?

In the morning it's on in the background,

while I'm having my quiet time with the Lord.

In the car on our drive to and from school.

In the evening as I'm making dinner.

And at night while I create. This is the most crucial.

If it's not on, I feel like something is missing.

It's not the same.

And what I love most is how it has exposed me to

artists I wouldn't have otherwise discovered.

I started my first station with Nichole Nordeman.

That led me to find out about Ginny Owens.

And then Sara Groves. And Britt Nicole. 

She's the best for working out.

And Jennifer Knapp. And David Nevue.

His music calms me every time.

And more recently Tal & Acacia and J.J. Heller.

These two are my current favorites. I love their folky sound.

Praise music makes me happy. It makes me cry.

It makes me think and makes me most definitely praise.

It keeps me on track and lifts my spirit.

In case you haven't heard of any of these artists, go check them out.

Other things I'm loving...

This artist's work.
These tea sets and the other adorable things in her shop.
These lovely knives.  I wish I could give them to everyone I know for Christmas.
And this Autumn print and the rest of her work.
And finally retro clothes.  This dress was my sister's circa 1978 or 79.
The fact that my mom saved it, gave it to me, 
and that my daughter picked it out to wear to church.

And her big sister picked a skirt that was mine.
I love how they put together their own outfits and accessories and talk about what shoes
would look best.  They each have their own distinct styles... and it's all them.

Oh and I missed the notable quotable friday.  So I have to add this on to Monday.

In the car on the way home from church with the sun shining through the window 
my daughter closed her eyes and said, 

"I know why we can see light when our eyes are shut.  It's the light from
God in our heart coming up through us to our eyes."

I love that perspective.

204.  God's light
205.  A child's way of thinking
206. recycling clothes
207. persevering through challenges
208. a fun outing 
209. laughing so hard it hurts
210. seeing the humor in what could have been a struggle
211. lots of activities this week..choosing to be thankful for the crazy schedule
212. a son learning the importance of giving 110% even when you don't want to
213. a sweetness from him in helping others
214. a morning for moms to pray for our school
215. waiting on the Lord


Raeanne said...

I love your daughter's quote!! What a precious heart.

Alida said...

209 is one of my favorite things to experience with family and friends. I love your photos and all of the tea implements.

Continued joy and blessings to you,

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